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Monday, November 27, 2000

Error Type

What is your favorite Macintosh error code? Is it Error Type 11, the ubiquitous "Miscellaneous Hardware Exception Error"? How about Error Type 2, defined simply as an "Address Error"? What about Error Type -85, the elusive "unable to read same clock value twice"? Try hard enough, and you may be able to experience all 6,000+ error types! Rumor has it that Mac OS X will do away with the error code messages. But if you find yourself longing for the simpler days of ambiguous error code, never fear! You can always run Classic.

Monday, November 20, 2000


Windows PC users just LOVE to forward executable (.EXE) files to everyone in their address book. These .EXE files—which do not work on Macintoshes—are usually no more than sex I.Q. tests and other diversions. Next time a PC user causes you to waste 20 minutes of your day waiting for a 3 MB file to download on your 56K modem, don't get mad . . . get even! Use Stuffit Deluxe to send them a Self-Extracting Archive (.sea) encoded in hexidecimal (.hqx). To be fair, make sure the compressed file size is at least as big as the one they sent you. 

Monday, November 13, 2000

Unexpectedly Quit

Gil Amelio became the CEO of Apple in 1996. Later that year, Apple acquired Steve Jobs' NeXT, (and acquired Steve Jobs as well!) In 1997, Amelio unexpectedly resigned, leaving the company without a leader. Fortunately Jobs assumed the role of "iCEO", and later dropped the 'i' to return to full CEO status. Do you think that Gil has flashbacks every time his Mac generates the error, "The application has unexpectedly quit."?

Friday, November 3, 2000


Wireless Internet would be great ... if it didn't involve so many wires!  Apple's Airport Base Station can supply wireless connectivity to computers equipped with an Airport card.  It's a wonderful way to liberate your laptop, but why bother with a G4 desktop?  Chances are the G4 is connected to more cables than a suspension bridge.

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