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Sunday, October 27, 2002

Macworld Expose

When IDG announced that their east coast Macworld Expo 2004 would be hosted in Boston instead of New York City, Apple were not at all pleased.  First they threatened to withdraw from Macworld Boston 2004.  Then, in a surprising all-or-nothing move, Apple also announced that they might even pull out of Macworld Expo NY 2003!  What reason could Steve Jobs—who was believed to be the decision-maker in this power play—have for such rash behavior? Perhaps he wanted to help rebuild New York City's struggling economy with a huge money-making event?  Or maybe he wanted to be close to Wall Street and investors, (the real reason Apple even attends Macworld)?  Or maybe he just doesn't like that eerie Beantown accent?  Either way, Macworld NYC will never be the same.  What a mess a strange vernacular can Create!

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