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Monday, January 29, 2001

Installation Unsuccessful

Not many people encounter an error when they upgrade their Macintosh System Software, since the installer ensures that certain criteria are met before the actual installation begins. Hard drive space, CPU support, disk driver version, and firmware are examined in the extensive check list. But occasionally problems do happen, which will automatically terminate the installation. (Did you know that if you created a folder called Drive Setup, and place the Drive Setup utility in that folder within the Utilities folder, a MacOS upgrade will fail!? ) You'll receive the warning, "The installation of the software was unsuccessful, leaving your hard disk untouched."* This cartoon features a young Mr. Jobs after his prom date, having experienced installus interuptus.

*I haven't encountered an installation error for quite some time, so if anyone has the exact text from the error message, please post it on the message board!

Monday, January 22, 2001


When your computer is acting up, try rebuilding the desktop! Hold down the Command-Option keys at startup, until you receive the prompt, Are you sure you want to rebuild the desktop? Click OK, and watch in fascination as a status bar pops up on your screen to track the rebuilding progress. A series of hard drive clicks accompany the status bar for your amusement. And when the desktop is rebuilt, ALL OF YOUR MACINTOSH PROBLEMS WILL BE SOLVED!

Monday, January 15, 2001


Did you ever wonder how the Apple software developer who invented the Stickies application came up with the idea for the System 7.5 Apple Menu Item in 1995?  This is my guess.

Tuesday, January 9, 2001


If you've never heard of Apple's eWorld, I'm not surprised. eWorld, a short-lived, proprietary online service for Macintosh users, was launched in 1994 and terminated in 1996. Apparently a few thousand subscribers was not enough to keep the innovative service afloat.
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